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Two Diabolo Miscellaneous Tricks

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  1. First you will want to practise with one diabolo. Get the diabolo orbiting around the leg.
  2. Instead of throwing the diabolo over the leg again, pull your stick out and to the left so the diabolo goes straight up into the air. When finished return to over-the-leg orbits. Practise this on both sides of your leg.
  3. Get two diabolos shuffling.
  4. When a diabolo comes to your left side, pull the left stick out and to the left, so the diabolo goes up into the air.
  5. As the diabolo comes down, do the same on the right-hand side. Repeat as many times as you want.
  6. When you are finished, toss the left diabolo back to the right-hand side and continue shuffling.


  1. Get two diabolos shuffling. Do a frontwrap on one diabolo (move the right stick around the outside of the diabolo axle and wrap the string around it).
  2. Move your left hand to the right in a clockwise motion. The second diabolo (not front wrapped) should move inside the first diabolo.
  3. This movement will cause the first diabolo to be unwrapped, and it will land on the left side of the string.
  4. Right backwrap the second diabolo and unwrap it to go back to the shuffle. OR You can do another frontwrap to do a continuous vortex.