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Two Diabolo Suns

Suns with two diabolos, visually very impressive for observers.

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Left Sun

  1. Get two diabolos shuffling, then toss one diabolo a bit higher.
  2. Catch the diabolo and push it with your right hand to the other side, but instead of tossing it again like a regular shuffle, bring the two diabolos around back to you with your left hand. Your left hand has to make a small circle to bring both diabolos around.
  3. Make sure BOTH diabolos pass outside the stick ends. You may have to reach your right hand further around the diabolos to achieve this.
  4. Return to the shuffle.

Feed the Sun (FTS)

  1. Do a left sun. Just before you complete the sun, move your left hand out to the sde and pop a diabolo straight up.
  2. Use the momentum from the first sun to do a 1 diabolo sun underneath the diabolo that is in the air.
  3. Catch the first diabolo on the right side of your string. Keep the momentum and go immediately into another sun with both diabolos on the string.
  4. To exit, simply stop doing suns like you normally would after doing just one sun.