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Two Diabolo Trapezes / Stalls

Adapting the basic trapeze tricks to a two diabolo situation.

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  1. Get two diabolos shuffling.
  2. As you catch one of the diabolos on your right side, quickly swing the stick around the diabolo, hitting the string as you go into the trapeze.
  3. You can return to the shuffle by undoing the trapeze.
  4. OR you can let the string slip off into a back wrap.

Inverse Trapeze

  1. Get two diabolos shuffling.
  2. Back wrap a diabolo and tug up, then move the stick around the outside of the diabolo so that the string hangs around the stick.
  3. Swing the diabolo around again so that the axle of the diabolo hits the string (like a regular inverse trapeze).
  4. Move the stick up while letting the string slide off the stick so that the diabolo is tossed up in to the air.
  5. Catch the diabolo on the right side of the string and continue to shuffle the diabolos.