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More complex cradles than those in the beginner cradles section.

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Echo's Mystery Cradle

  1. Do a left inverse trapeze.
  2. Unhook your right stick from under the diabolo.
  3. Hook your right stick around the nearest part of the left-hand string hanging hown and pull the stick back to the right. It should be a sort of trapeze.
  4. With good timing, you should throw the diabolo up through the strings above it. Then you catch the diabolo.

Reinventing The Eiffel Tower

  1. Do a left trapeze, but instead of catching the diabolo back on the string, allow it to miss the string and hang down
  2. Move your left stick to your right hand. Place your left hand (thumb up) above the diabolo inside the triangle of string.
  3. Point your sticks downwards so the string falls off the left stick. Now move your hand around the diabolo anti-clockwise and do hand orbits around the diabolo (as many as you want to).
  4. With your hand above the diabolo, turn your hand around and grab the tangled string so your fingers are looped around it. Now turn your hand around (anti-clockwise) so your palm is facing downwards.
  5. Place both sticks through the gap you created. Now you can let go of the string with your left hand and grab the left stick with it (so both sticks are in correct hands).
  6. Using your three outside fingers, grab each of the hanging strings with the hand from the opposite stick and just hold it against the stick. Then throw the diabolo up onto the top 'X' of the string.
  7. Throw the diabolo in the air, slide the string off the sticks, and catch the diabolo again.

Half Spaghetti Cradle

  1. Do a half Spaghetti.
  2. Put your right stick through the triangle of string below the left stick. Get your sticks back in a normal position.
  3. Throw the diabolo out of the strings to the right of the sticks. Then catch it.

Advanced Cats Cradle

  1. Throw the diabolo upwards with a decent amount of height. As it is in the air, make a cats cradle with your sticks. (Loop your right stick over and then under the left stick. The left stick then pushes out to the right and a cradle forms.)
  2. Catch the diabolo on the cradle as it comes back down. Then let the string fall off the sticks and the diabolo should be back into a normal position.