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Coffee Grinders

The trick involves jumping the diabolo over the stick, over and over a bit like a coffee grinder.

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Coffee Grinder

  1. Do a left backside.
  2. Make your left stick perpendicular to your right stick. Then immediately put your right stick around the other side of your left stick so the string is resting over the top.
  3. Put your right stick through the triangle you made above the diabolo. Now push the stick hard against the right-hand inside part of the string triangle and move the stick clockwise around the diabolo.
  4. Do as many loops as you want. Instead of throwing the diabolo around another loop you can throw it in the air and catch it on your already-formed cradle. Now you can simply let the strings fall off the sticks to a normal diaboloing position.


  1. Cross your left stick over your right stick and then under it. Then hook it around the string and pull the stick upwards.
  2. Now push the right stick around the diabolo in a clockwise motion. Keep doing this until you have done enough.
  3. Now throw the diabolo upwards into a cradle. Now let the string fall off the sticks.