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During the course of these tricks the diabolo miraculously escapes from knots and tangles of string.

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Trapeze Cradle Knot

  1. Do a right trapeze then perform a trapeze cradle but do not land the diabolo on the cross of the strings - land it on the left-hand part.
  2. Slowly slide the strings off the end of the sticks so a knot appears about half way down the string. (Make sure you allow the string enough space under the diabolo otherwise you can't get the diabolo out.) Pick up the left-hand side of the string below the knot and throw the diabolo out in an upwards motion.
  3. Catch the diabolo on the knotted, doubled-over string. Now throw the diabolo back into the air, pull the sticks apart (to undo the knot) and catch the diabolo.

Fritz Release

  1. Do a right backside.
  2. Do a right trapeze, then another one.
  3. Pull the sticks apart, and the diabolo should fly into the air. Now just catch the diabolo.


  1. Put your right stick around to the left-hand side of your left stick, then over the top of your left stick. Now wrap the string underneath the diabolo (from right to left) and bring it up to the right-hand side of the left stick.
  2. Now bring the right stick back up and over (away from you) the left stick. Then bring the stick down and wrap the string around the diabolo (from left to right). Your right stick should now be on your right-hand side.
  3. Now pull the sticks apart and the diabolo should fly upwards, then catch it.

Half Burning Spaghetti

  1. Do a half spaghetti by wrapping the right stick over the left stick towards you, then bring the string under the diabolo.
  2. Put the end of the right stick in the gap between the loop of string under the left stick.
  3. Put both sticks in your left hand, then do two clockwise suns around both sticks.
  4. Release the diabolo by throwing it up and to the left, then catch it.

Dot The I

  1. Do a spaghetti.
  2. Put the right stick through the loops of string hanging down below the left stick. Then remove the left stick so all the string is transferred under the right stick.
  3. Let go of the left stick so it hangs below the diabolo (the diabolo is the dot of the 'i').
  4. Now swing the stick up the way it came (clockwise) until the diabolo is released into the air. Immediately grab the stick/string with your left hand before catching the diabolo.

Snapping The Violin String

  1. Turn your right stick around so it is facing you. The string should now be looping around your forearm. Now pull the string further over your arm so there is enough room to catch a diabolo on it.
  2. Throw the diabolo on to the raised string and then swing the diabolo clockwise so it unloops from your arm.
  3. Using the diabolo's clockwise momentum do a left trapeze.
  4. Now flick the diabolo around the back of the left stick so the diabolo flies into the air. Then catch the diabolo.

Vanishing Wall

  1. Do a right backside.
  2. Wrap the left stick over the right sitck. Then put it behind the right part of the string.
  3. Now put the left stick over the right stick (away from you) and then under the diabolo (360 degrees in total).
  4. Release the diabolo through the "wall" of the string and towards the floor to the right of you.
  5. Catch the diabolo once it has bounced off the ground by letting it bounce up into the string. Then throw the diabolo with arms crossed and catch normally to be back in a normal position.

Whirrly Bird

  1. Do a Left inverse trapeze.
  2. Throw your right stick around the know of string above the diabolo (to the right). Catch it again when it has travelled all the way around.
  3. Release the knot, throwing the diabolo onto the floor slightly to the right of you.
  4. As it bounces back up, catch it on the backside of the string. Then cross arms, throw the diabolo up and catch it normally.


  1. Start by doing a right waterfall.
  2. Now do a half spaghetti. The right stick should do over and under the left stick.
  3. Instead of pulling the right stick back into its normal position in front of the diabolo, loop it behind the diabolo.
  4. Throw the diabolo up through the string and catch it.

Old Spaghetti

  1. Do a half spaghetti and then another one immediately after.
  2. Now do a left trapeze.
  3. Pass the right stick under the diabolo and then between the front cup and the left stick.
  4. Now pass the right stick under the diabolo once more (between you and the diabolo) so your arms are crossed. Then throw the diabolo upwatds through the string. Then unfold your arms and catch it.