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Miscellaneous Tricks

An assortment of tricks that are just too cool to be classified.

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Bow Tie / Neck Bounce

  1. The diabolo should be spinning pretty fast. Lift one of the sticks around your neck so the string is touching the back of your neck. The diabolo should still be spinning on the side of the string which isn't around your neck.
  2. The diabolo sticks should be pointing upwards, and the tops of the sticks should be at eye level. Now turn side on so you are facing the diabolo.
  3. Make sure the strings are taught. Pull the string which the diabolo is on to make it jump off the string slightly. As the diabolo comes down move the other string towards the diabolo and bounce it off that sting.
  4. When done bouncing back and forth, catch the diabolo on the same side of the string you stared on. Now unwrap the opposite side from your neck.

Ferris Wheel

  1. Do a left trapeze.
  2. Wrap your right stick over the top of your left stick and then under the diabolo back into a standard position.
  3. Pull your sticks apart so the diabolo flies in an anti-clockwise direction (still attached to the string). When it has done one full loop, do another loop with the diabolo.
  4. Allow the diabolo to continue travelling in an anti-clockwise direction. When it starts to come back up from the bottom, do a right trapeze, then undo it again.

Henry's Hop

  1. Do a right backside.
  2. Do a right trapeze.
  3. Let the string fall off the right stick, throwing the diabolo down slightly to the right onto the ground. Then catch it on the underside of the string as it bounces up.
  4. Now cross your arms, throw the diabolo up, uncross your arms and catch it again to uncross the string.

Hollands Hitch

  1. Do around the leg orbits, when ready perform a right backside under the leg.
  2. As the diabolo swings back from left to right, do a right trapeze.
  3. Swing the diabolo around the right hand side of your right stick so it flies into the air. Then catch it on either side of the string. You can do more orbits or step back over the string.

Wonder Throw

  1. Put the right stick over your right shoulder with the diabolo on the string in front of you.
  2. Pop the diabolo on to the part of the string over your shoulder (nearest the right stick).
  3. Immediately flick the string in a clockwise direction over your arm and then again as a clockwise sun. Your arms should now be crossed.
  4. Throw the diabolo up in the air and uncross your arms to catch the diabolo.

Gyro Wheel

  1. Put both sticks in your right hand and take the left part of the string with your left hand. Then throw the diabolo up and onto the doubled over string.
  2. Now pop the diabolo up and between the gap you have made between the sticks.
  3. As the diabolo swings back around, throw it up onto the doubled over string again. Then keep repeating this process, producing a constant circular motion of the diabolo.
  4. When you feel you have done enough, let the diabolo rest on the string. Then either: throw it up and catch with your left stick back in your left hand OR throw it up and whipcatch.

Diving Trapeze

  1. Do an inverse trapeze.
  2. Move your left stick to the left of the trapeze. Then do a right trapeze.
  3. Perform a chinese suicide. Make sure you don't let the strings fall off the right stick.
  4. Pull the sticks apart so the diabolo falls off the string. Let it hit the ground before catching it on the underside of the string. Then throw up with crossed arms to remove the twist in the string.

Memory Twister

  1. Stand to the left hand side of the diabolo and wrap the right (far) stick over your left (near). Then wrap it under the diabolo.
  2. Now push the diabolo over the left stick by pushing the strings over and away from you using the right stick.
  3. Now undo the trapeze by swinging the diabolo over the near stick (towards yourself).

Rubber Arm

  1. Begin doing overarm orbits.
  2. As the diabolo reaches the left side of the string, throw the diabolo high and over your right arm.
  3. As the diabolo is in the air, move your righyt stick so that the string is wrapped around your arm and the right stick is pointing away from you.
  4. Now catch the diabolo on the string on the other side of your right arm. Then do a clockwise sun to unwrap the string from your arm.