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Named so because the trick involves letting go of one of the sticks (also known as stick release), it spinning in a cirlce and catching it again.

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Suicide Attempt

  1. Give the diabolo some clockwise momentum by swinging it. Then begin to do a clockwise sun.
  2. As the diabolo approaches the 10 o'clock mark, release the right stick, pushing it under the left stick, to the left.
  3. As the diabolo nears its original position, the left stick should be coming back around. At this point, catch the stick in your free left hand.


  1. Do a left trapeze, but let the diabolo miss the centre string and hang below it.
  2. Push the right stick clockwise under the left stick so it flies round it. Then catch it again when it gets back to where you threw it from.


  1. Wrap the left stick over and around the axle of the diabolo.
  2. Now throw your right stick clockwise around the diabolo. AS it gets just past the top of its circle, catch the stick again.

Chinese Suicide

  1. Do a right trapeze.
  2. Rotate the left stick so the string end is facing the diabolo. Then throw the stick down and under the diabolo. When it comes back around catch it.

Forced Sun Suicide

  1. Begin by doing a Forced Sun.
  2. As the diabolo reaches the bottom of its orbit, turn so you are facing the diabolo as you normally would. Allow it to swing up to the right.
  3. As the diabolo reaches about 3 o'clock, release the left stick below the diabolo in an anti-clockwise direction. Just before the stick is released, the right stick should be pulled towards the left hand.
  4. Now reach towards the left stick with your left hand and catch it.

Waterfall Suicide

  1. Do the first part of a Waterfall stoping before the release.
  2. Release the waterfall and when the diabolo reaches about 4o'clock, release the left stick.
  3. Catch the left stick as it comes around.

Under the Leg Stickocide

  1. Start doing around the leg orbits.
  2. Do a left trapeze, however make sure the diabolo misses the centre string.
  3. Swing the right stick through your legs and under the left stick, when the stick comes around catch it in your right hand.

Inverse Slap Suicide

  1. Do a right trapeze, missing the centre string and hanging down.
  2. Swing the diabolo clockwise and catch it on the string.
  3. Throw the left stick over the right stick, so the string unloops from under the diabolo.
  4. As the stick comes back around towards your hand, 'slap' the stick back around the right stick. under the bit between the diabolo and yourself. Then catch it.

Half String Suicide

  1. Put both sticks in your right hand, face the stick ends down.
  2. Do a left trapeze over your left hand, as if your hand is the left stick.
  3. Release your left stick and give it a bit of a throw downwards and around the diabolo.
  4. Let the stick swing around twice, then remove your hand from the loop of string and catch the stick in your left hand.

Under the Bridge

  1. Do some under the leg orbits.
  2. Do a right backside under the leg.
  3. When the diabolo has swung under to the left hand side of your leg, release the right stick so it goes under the diabolo. Then catch the stick as it comes back around.
  4. Unwrap the string from the diabolo then to get back to a normal position, throw the diabolo up whilst cross armed, and uncross your amrs to catch it.


  1. Do a left backside.
  2. Swing the diabolo back the other way and when it reaches about 7 o'clock, throw the right stick under the diabolo in a clockwise direction.
  3. Once the stick has gone once around the diabolo, catch it in your right hand.
  4. Now unloop the string from the axle and then throw the diabolo up with crossed arms to return to the normal position.

Spinocide Integral

  1. Put both sticks in your left hand. Then grab the left side of the string with your right hand and pull it back across in front of the right string.
  2. Pull the string back behind the right string and under the diabolo in a clockwise motion. This will creat a sort of trapeze around your finger.
  3. Now face both sticks with their string end facing the diabolo.
  4. -This is the tricky part- Throw the sticks down in an anti-clockwise direction. As you do this also swing the diabolo 360 degrees anti-clockwise with your right hand. then hold the right hand still while the sticks rotate around the diabolo.
  5. Theoretically, you can go around as many times as you want. However, it is good to just rotate the sticks a few times at first. When you are ready to end the trick, catch the first stick that comes around with your free hand.
  6. Do not catch the other stick until it has gone around the diabolo once more than the previous one. When this happens, let go of the strings with your right hand and catch the free stick.

Berserk Suicide

  1. Get the diabolo spinning fast. Then, put your left stick in your right hand. Now do a left trapeze over your left hand (as if your left hand were your left stick in a normal left trapeze).
  2. Grab the string in your left hand, and throw the diabolo out of the trapeze by the string. Follow this by doing an anti-clockwise sun, making sure the string stays in your left hand.
  3. Change the diabolos direction, and do a clockwise sun. However, just as the diabolo has enough motion to do a clockwise sun, move your left hand back onto the left stick, and continue the motion.
  4. Keep the clockwise motion going, and as the diabolo reaches about 10 o'clock, release the stick and perform a suicide attempt.


  1. Do a right backside.
  2. Let the diabolo swing around in a clockwise direction. When it gets to around 9 o'clock, throw the left stick around the right-hand side of the diabolo.
  3. Now immediately switch the right stick into the left hand.
  4. As the other stick comes around, catch it in your free right hand.


  1. Get the diabolo spinning fast and do a right backside.
  2. As the diabolo swings back to the right, release the right stick so it swings in an anti-clockwise direction.
  3. When the diabolo is in the air, the string should fly in a circle back towards the diabolo as it falls. Now make sure the string wraps around the axle of the diabolo. At this point make sure your right hand is ready to catch the stick as it comes round.
  4. The right stick will move around the diabolo. When you feel ready, catch the stick.