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Slack Whips

The stick or sticks are flicked in such a way that a loop of slack in the string is made; this then passes around the diabolo and/or sticks to attain a range of different string mounts

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  1. Turn your right stick so it faces the axle of the diabolo.
  2. Throw the diabolo upwards but not off the string, to slacken the string.
  3. Immediately after you slacken the string whip your right stick away from you and quickly onto the string (slightly from right to left too). The slackened string should now loop over the top of the stick, and can then be looped under the diabolo.

J-Whip Trapeze

  1. Do a J-whip.
  2. Put the left stick in the triangle of string which the J-whip made.
  3. Now push the left stick onto the left side of the string and under the diabolo. Do this twice. Then cross your arms the diabolo is now in a trapeze.
  4. Now throw the diabolo up with arms crossed. Turn the trapeze over (uncross arms) without letting the string fall off. Catch the diabolo back on the trapeze. Then let the strings fall off the stick.

J-Whip Fritz Release

  1. Do a J-whip.
  2. Throw the diabolo out and over the left stick in an anti-clockwise direction. Allow the string to fall off the end of the right hand stick.
  3. Keep the diabolo swinging anti-clockwise, and then do two right trapezes.
  4. Now throw the diabolo out of the trapeze, between the sticks. Then just catch the diabolo.