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The trick involves throwing the diabolo off to one side and whipping the diabolo with the string so that you catch the diabolo and keep on going.

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Grip and Hook Whip

  1. Hold both sticks in your right hand. Now grab the left-hand side of the string and pull up. Then catch the diabolo on the 'doubled-over' string.
  2. Loop the end of the string around the tips of the sticks and turn side on.
  3. Throw the diabolo into the air (as if you are tossing a pancake). Then do a whip catch.


  1. Get the diabolo spinning fairly fast. Then throw the diabolo up (not too high, making sure each of the cups of the diabolo are as level as possible with each other.
  2. As soon as the diabolo has left the string, put your left stick in your right hand (so both sticks are in the right) while stepping in front and to the left of the diaolo as it is in the air (with the right leg).
  3. As soon as you can, prepare to perform a whip catch. If all goes to plan the diabolo should hit the ground, shoot between your legs and sit up nicely above the ground in front of you so you can whip catch it.

Finger Grind Whip

  1. Get the diabolo spinning fairly fast and hold both sticks in one hand. Move your free finger towards the axle and let your first two fingers rest on it (underneath). Then remove the string to leave the diabolo spinning on your fingers. Now turn side on with your fingers pointing towards you and the diabolo spinning away from you.
  2. Throw the diabolo up a little and whip catch it.

Above Shoulder Whip

  1. Do the start of grip hook and whip but instead of throwing it infront, flick your wrist backwards so it goes over your shoulder.
  2. Immediately get the string so it is under the diabolo by lifting the sticks over your shoulder.
  3. Now whip upwards towards the diabolo, which should be just above head height, over and behind your shoulder. Catching the diabolo on one of the strings.
  4. Swing the diabolo around to the front into a normal position.

Underhand Whipcatch

  1. Put your left stick in your right hand, so both sticks are on the right.
  2. Grab the left hand string and pop the diabolo up onto the doubled-over string. (You can turn side-on)
  3. Throw the diabolo into the air and swing the string up and towards the axle, aiming to catch the diabolo on the right hand side of the string (unlike a normal whipcatch).