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String Climbs

Almost self-explanatory. The string is wrapped around the diabolo and pulled tight. The diabolo climbs the string.

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The Elevator / Climb The String

This will not work with a bearing diabolo.

  1. The diabolo should be spinning fast. Now put your right stick over the top of the diabolo and pull down so the string is taught.
  2. Keep the string tight and the diabolo should rise up the vertical string. When it gets near the top loosen the string and wrap your right stick back around the diabolo as it falls.

Flux Capacitor

  1. Throw the diabolo in the air, put both sticks in your right hand and grab the string with your left hand so it is doubled over. Now catch the diabolo in the doubled over string.
  2. Move the doubled over string so it is vertical (your hand should be above the diabolo). Then move the sticks either side of the diabolo (above it).
  3. Move the sticks down on top of the diabolo and the diabolo should rise up the string. When it gets to the top, relieve the pressure with the sticks so the diabolo moves back down the string.
  4. You can now keep putting on and taking off the pressure so it moves up and down the string as much as you want. When you have done enough, let the diabolo fall bak through the sticks by relieving the pressure.
  5. To get back to normal throw up and catch or do a whip catch.

Dixloos Elevator

  1. Get the diabolo spinning fast. Turn the left stick horizontal and wrap the right stick over it and under the diabolo.
  2. Let the loop of string over the stick fall off the end. Then pull the sticks apart vertically. The diabolo should rise up the string.
  3. When it gets to the top, loop the left stick around the diabolo anti-clockwise. Then allow the diabolo to fall, so you are back in a normal position.