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Beginner Cradles

Cradles generally involve getting the diabolo to a point where it is balancing on multiple bits of the string to form a sort of cradle.

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Trapeze Cradle

  1. Do a right trapeze.
  2. Put your left stick through the doubled over-string and pull it out left, forming a cross in the string.
  3. Pull the sticks apart throwing the diabolo up in the air. Catch the diabolo back on the crossed string.
  4. Tilt the sticks down a bit and let the string fall off the sticks.

Cats Cradle

  1. Do a Left Backside .
  2. Now put your right stick over and then under the left stick (between the strings). The strings should now be crossed.
  3. Throw the diabolo up onto the crossed string. Then let the strings fall off the sticks.

Ghost Cradle

  1. Do a left backside and put your right stick over your left and then through the loop of string to form a cradle.
  2. Throw the diabolo up into the crossed strings. It should disappear and the diabolo should fall back into a backside position.
  3. Throw the diabolo up with crossed arms to remove the twist in the string.

Finger Hook Cradle

  1. Put your left stick under your right stick and then place both sticks in your right hand, so the string is over the left stick.
  2. Grad the left part of the string and hold the string against the left stick with your index finger. Then put the left stick back into your left hand.
  3. Put your right stick into the triangle of string below the left stick and return it to its normal position. Then let go of the hooked string with your left hand.
  4. Throw the diabolo up and the cradle will disappear then catch the diabolo.