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Orbits involve throwing the diabolo up in the air slightly when it is close to one stick and catching it near the other stick. The diabolo goes in a circle. Often over a body part.

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Around the Leg

  1. Once the diabolo is spinning well, put your right leg over the diabolo and onto the floor.
  2. Swing the diabolo clockwise and when it gets to around hald way up the left hand side of the string, throw it over your leg onto the right side of the string. You can move the right hand stick to catch it.
  3. Continue the clockwise momentum, rolling it along the string under your leg. Repeat the throw over the leg as many times as you want.
  4. Take your right leg back over the string to finish the trick.

Around the Arm

  1. Point your right stick backwards so the string is looping under your right arm. Keep your arm bent at the elbow at a right angle.
  2. Using the left hand, toss the diabolo over your right arm and onto the string beyond it.
  3. Now keep the diabolo moving in a clockwise motion. When the diabolo reaches the left hand part of the string, throw it over your right arm again.

Puppet Master

  1. Put both sticks in your right hand. Then lift your right leg off the ground and above the diabolo.
  2. Swing the diabolo to the right to give it some momentum. Then swing it back to the left so it begins a clockwise sun around your foot.
  3. You are now aiming for the diabolo to loop over your foot and onto the other side of the string. Move the sticks in the same clockwise motion to keep the diabolo travelling around. You may also need to move your foot so it doesn't hit the diabolo.
  4. Now keep the motion up for as long as you want (or as long as you can stand up for!). When you are finished, let the diabolo stop circling and take your foot out of the loop.