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Beginning Basics

So you just bought a diabolo (you didn't? see our guide here) and you want to learn how to use it properly. Well, you've come to the right place.

Rolling Start and Acceleration

  1. First Start facing the diabolo parallel to your body. Then roll the diabolo from right to left (right handed) or left to right (left handed).
  2. While it is rolling, lift the diabolo off the floor and begin vertical movement (not too fast) of the right stick, using your wrist this is the easiest way to pick up a moderate amount of speed.
  3. Keep the diabolo balanced. If it tips forward, move your right stick back (towards you) relative to the left stick. If it tips backwards, move the right stick forward (away from you) relative to the left stick.
  4. Once you master this you can start doing simple tricks such as throw and catch.

Horizontal Acceleration - pick up more speed for harder tricks.

  1. Wrap the string around the diabolo once.
  2. Swing the diabolo up and to the right, then when it reaches it's peak, pull the right stick back down over the diabolo. Keep the left stick pointing at the diabolo.
  3. Repeat to get up enough speed, then unwrap the string.

Turning the Diabolo

Facing the audience is important, you don't want to be side on to your eager fans.

Turning Right

Gently touch the far cup of the diabolo with your right stick. The Diabolo should turn clockwise.

Turning Left

Gently touch the near cup of the diabolo with your right stick. The Diabolo should turn anti-clockwise.