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Welcome to diabolotricks.net the diabolo tricks database for both beginners and diabolo experts. Here we believe in providing easy to follow videos, simple instructions and continuity to help you learn new tricks quickly. The database is expanding quickly so check back soon or follow us on twitter to keep up to date.


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Latest News

30th December 2013

New knot trick: Old Spaghetti.

15th December 2013

New trick: Advanced Cats Cradle.

29th November 2013

New trick: Rubber Arm.

29th November 2013

New trick: Memory Twister.

9th November 2013

New trick: Trampoline.

19th October 2013

New Cradle trick: Cats Cradle.

13th October 2013

New suicide trick: Overarm Trapeze.

20th September 2013

New suicide trick: Slowcide.

4th September 2013

New diabolo trick: Watetti.

18th August 2013

New diabolo trick: Forced Sun Suicide.

11th August 2013

New diabolo trick: Forced Sun.

25th July 2013

New two diabolo trick: Feed the Sun (FTS).

19th July 2013

New trick: Finger Hook Cradle.

8th July 2013

New trick: Half Spaghetti Cradle.

25th June 2013

New trick: Diving Trapeze.

17th June 2013

New cradle trick: Ghost Cradle.

4th May 2013

New Shotgun Grind trick.

24th April 2013

Win a Mr Babache Finesse G4 Diabolo courtesy of our friends at Firetoys.com

All you need to do to enter is share our post on Facebook or retweet us on Twitter.

For more details and terms and conditions see the competition page here.

21st April 2013

New Underhand Whipcatch trick.

27th March 2013

New J-Whip Fritz Release trick.

26th January 2013

New Puppet Master trick.

18th January 2013

Two new suicide diabolo tricks: Berserk Suicide and Suicide Attempt.

1st December 2012

We're back with a new 2 diabolo trick: 2 Diabolo AC-Fan.

16th November 2012

New diabolo trick: Gyro Wheel.

3rd November 2012

New one diabolo knot trick: Dot the I.

27th October 2012

It has been a while but we have a new trick: Half Burning Spaghetti.

16th September 2012

Two new tricks: Half String Suicide and a two diabolo Sprinkler.

9th September 2012

New two diabolo trick: Vortex.

8th September 2012

New two diabolo trick: Left Sun.

6th September 2012

New suicide diabolo trick: Propellercide.

24th August 2012

New string climb trick: Dixloos Elevator.

22nd August 2012

One new suicide trick: Under the Leg Stickocide.

14th August 2012

Two new 2 diabolo tricks: Trapeze and Mini Columns.

12th August 2012

New 2 diabolo trick: Inverse Trapeze.

10th August 2012

2 diabolo Tricks section opens! Guide to starting with two diabolos, and several starts. More tricks to come!

10th August 2012

New trick: Under the Bridge.

7th August 2012

New advanced knot trick: Whirlly Bird.

4th August 2012

New website layout. Like it? Don't like it? Email us, Facebook us, Tweet us.

4th August 2012

New advanced trick: Vanishing Wall.

29th July 2012

One new advanced trick: Above Shoulder Whip.

27th July 2012

Two new tricks: Jump the Fence and Waterfall Suicide.